Traveling the US guzzling sweet tea, noshing on peach pie, training up a storm and making new friends: All in a summer day’s work

Although New York is the city that never sleeps, there is such a thing as casual Fridays in the summertime in some offices. The thought being that kids are out of school, people go on vacations and there is some blistering in the sun going on. Supposedly, the workplace slows down an weensy bitsy bit in the summer. Can’t speak for all my colleagues, but I assuredly am looking forward to replenishing my vitamin D reserves the natural way. That is, out in the sun.

However, the summer time is never a time of calm and quiet for us. How’s this for starters: we will be in Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, St. Paul, Portland, DC, Atlanta, upstate New York, Chapel Hill and many more places. We will be hitting the road to meet up with colleagues, partners and vast audiences.  We will, as a result, see new and familiar landscapes, guzzle a ton of sweet tea, nosh on peach pie and talk a lot.  We will document for you all our successes and travails and keep you updated on our fitness challenge while out on the road. Shhh. My team doesn’t know that last part yet. Let’s keep that between us.

We hope to be releasing reports on the needs of Latinos in the deep south and manuscripts on breaking new twitter data.  We will be busy creating a new leadership institute devoted to innovative organizations?  We will be premiering new trainings per your requests and needs. There is no work respite and we’re like that and with that.

We invite you to join us on our cool summer tour. We have yet to be in Idaho or South Dakota. Here’s hoping one of you sends us an invite out there. We’d love to visit and partner with you as we continue to strive to reach a world without AIDS.

May your summer be filled with zest!

Post by Miriam Y. vega, PhD @miriamyvega

Inspired by the Daily Prompt of In the Summertime

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