2022 NYS Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda

Hispanic/Latinx public health advocates, public health experts, and community-based organizations came together to form the “Setting our Agenda Coalition.” The Hispanic/Latinx NYS leaders have recognized the importance of coming together under the theme “Our Health. Our Future” to address the health challenges the diverse Hispanic/Latinx communities in NYS face.


Hispanic/Latinx New Yorkers experience the disproportionate impact of a variety of health conditions such as HIV, viral hepatitis, STIs, MPV, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, respiratory illnesses, cancer, substance use disorders, and trauma. The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted our communities and exacerbated pre-existing racial and ethnic health disparities.


The NYS Setting our Agenda Coalition Releases the first ever NYS Hispanic/Latinx Health Action Agenda. [click here]




Bethsy Morales-Reid, Assistant Vice President for Programs at The Hispanic Federation: bmorales@hispanicfederation.org

Michael Montero, Director of Health Policy and Advocacy at The Latino Commission on AIDS: mmontero@latinoaids.org