Tackling Fitness: Getting Latinos to Go Out Hiking into the Woods

In recent research, data has shown that obesity and nutrition are one of the top health concerns for Latinos. Latinos do have high rates of heart disease and diabetes. In particular, the high incidence rates of type II diabestes in children has been alarming.

In our travels for our Deep South program, we came across this social marketing campaign in North Carolina.

It is meant to get Latinos out hiking and getting fit and it is in Spanish!

The campaign is titled: De tu Casa Al Bosque. From your home to the Forest.

What do you all think about this campaign and how to mobilize a community to the great outdoors?

Photo by Miriam Y. Vega, PhD

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By latinxhealthequity.org

The Institute for Latinx Health Equity is a growing collaborative of public health researchers, behavioral scientists, community leaders, capacity building specialists and social justice advocates. We strive to disseminate information about issues pertinent to health disparities and inequity. Follow us, join us, comment and add your voice to ours.

2 thoughts on “Tackling Fitness: Getting Latinos to Go Out Hiking into the Woods”
  1. Great post Miriam, it reminds me of something we talked about in the Dennis de Leon Sustainable Leadership Institute when engaging partners. There is a partnership between Adventure Cycling Association and the University of Pittsburgh’s Center for Minority Health. The Center for Minority Health was looking for ways to promote the African American community and the Adventure Cycling Association wanted to reach the African American Community. They eventually partnered and developed a route that honors the underground railroad: http://www.americantrails.org/resources/long/Underground-RR-Bicycle-Route-trip.html

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