Aiming for a Cielo Latino (Beautiful Sky) as we try to reach an AIDS-Free Generation

The Latino Commission on AIDS cordially invites you to attend our annual gala fundraiser- Cielo Latino. The annual benefit gala of the Latino Commission on AIDS, Cielo Latino is a platform to showcase people and organizations committed to ending the AIDS epidemic.


The data, the conferences, the government funders and the scientists say that we are nearing a world without AIDS.  Or rather we can reach a world without AIDS if we push just a bit harder to ensure that people get tested, linked to and retained in care. Many have heard the new mantra –well not so new anymore since we have been hearing it for about 2 to 3 years now- “treatment is prevention.”  If those who are HIV positive get onto and adhere to their medications, we can supposedly make strides towards reaching a world without AIDS.  However, there is much to do to get our communities to the point that treatment is prevention. We mustn’t forget many do not have health insurance, many may be afraid to get tested due to stigma and for many accessing care is a matter of geography and transportation. How do we reach a world without AIDS through medication when not everyone has access to such care? That is just but one thorny question to ponder as medical advancements continue to be heralded in this global fight against AIDS.


The Latino Commission on AIDS founded by Dennis de Leon who in his lifetime served as a tireless social justice advocate, has been providing HIV services to the New York City community and helping the local community members get tested and become knowledgeable of their HIV status. Nationally, the Commission helps build the capacity of hundreds of other agencies that are in the fight so that the workforce, that is so fully committed to reaching this world without AIDS, is fully equipped to do so.  We are knee-deep in addressing the question of how do we incorporate treatment as prevention and destigmatize HIV in our day to day work.  These questions for social justice are part of our daily consciousness. It is with this vigor and commitment that we approach our annual gala event.


Again, after more than three decades of addressing and trying to combat HIV & AIDS in our communities, medical and social advances are enhancing the tools we have to fight this epidemic.  However, much work remains to be done to help those affected and impacted by this disease. We have counted on the support of Hispanic/Latino luminaries and celebrities such as Rosie Perez, Soledad O’Brien, Ms. Universe Dayana Mendoza, Lupe Ontiveros and Elaine del Valle.


Cielo Latino’s theme this year is “Designing a World Without AIDS” where we will note the contributions that the fashion world has made and continue to make to the efforts to reach a world without AIDS.


Help us Design a World Without AIDS at our Annual Cielo Latino Gala this May 14th at Cipriani (Wall Street, Manhattan)

For more information please go to our website.


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