Stigma Mapping: A community divided by a man-made hill

Stigma Mapping is a process created by The Latino Commission on AIDS to better understand the values that are considered important in communities. In particular, we conduct stigma mapping in communities experiencing an emerging Latino population. The mapping data allows us to tailor health messages and to also engage in specific message framing for social marketing campaigns.

In this photo, by Dr. Miriam Y. Vega, the sentiment of “hierarchy” is captured.

If you look closely, you will see two sets of housing structures. The houses on the top of the photo are part of a gated upper class community. The houses in the lower part of the photo are part of an emerging middle-class Latino community in North Charleston, South Carolina.

What separates them? A man-made hill.
Two communities next to each other yet so far apart.

Miriam Y. Vega, PhD
@miriamyvega is the Vice President of the Latino Commission on AIDS


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