Toolkit Sections

People are stronger together than apart! Hence it is extremely important as a leader to focus on building networks. In the case of our organization, this has resulted in the development of several regional and state coalitions and work groups. These networks have conducted activities specifically for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, as well as identified assessment needs and met with non-traditional partners such as faith-based organizations, elected officials, nursing schools, academic researchers, harm reduction programs, policy groups, health departments and law enforcement.


This section includes the following tools to help you assess Unity:


1. Planning for Change – Coalition Building the Basics, reviews the certain coalition building basics.

2. The Ohio Community Collaboration Model, relies heavily on community partnerships.

3. Resource Mapping Tool, focuses on the process of identifying partners for an effective coalition and assessing what they bring to the table.

4. Mobilizing the Community, goes over multiple issues and concerns when mobilizing a community.

5. Coalition Building Tool – Organization Fact Sheet, guides the reader through a series of questions to document the nature of a coalition to help explain it to potential new members.

6. Community Organizing, makes the case for the power of collective action.

7. Turf Issues, explores how turf issues arise among coalitions and what can be done to resolve and avoid turf battles.

8. The Coalition Volunteer Job Description, presents an example of a position description, with the purpose of clearly delineating coalition member roles and responsibilities.


We have also compiled case studies to illustrate lessons learned about building Unity.

1. Sister Love, Sister Love’s organizing strategy is straightforward, and it begins with personal transformation: the organization believes that people have to accept themselves before they can engage in public policy matters.

2. The Beloved Community, focuses on the work of people affiliated with The Beloved Community Center of Greensboro.