Navigating Changing Environments: A Leadership Toolkit




CHANGE is crucial to growth. In response to current developments and the shifts occurring in the HIV/AIDS field, the Navigating Changing Environments: A Leadership Toolkit has been created by the Latino Commission on AIDS for use by community organizers, advocates, healthcare providers, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, and others. The toolkit is organized along the LUKA Principle, with an additional section highlighting evaluation.

The LUKA (Leadership, Unity, Knowledge, Action) Principle is a unique model for leadership development that takes into account the need to support and build local leadership, unite communities, enhance knowledge, and to take action. In the following videos you will be introduced to each of the components of the LUKA Principle to give you the necessary framework you need to navigate this toolkit effectively.


Each section of the toolkit includes an introduction to how the principle relates to mobilization efforts to navigate the changing landscape; tools; and case studies illustrating the principle in practice. To maximize the usefulness of the toolkit, the tools and case studies come from a variety of sources both in the HIV/AIDS field and pertaining to other types of organizing for change.

“Navigating changing environments” is inherently an evolving process and requires a changing set of skills and resources. The Latino Commission on AIDS looks forward to your feedback as a user of this toolkit, with a view toward making it truly a living document. We encourage and welcome you to use the following email link or leave a comment in the avilable section at the bottom of each page.

For ease and usability, the toolkit is downloadable and printable. You may use the menu buttons at the bottom of each page to export the toolkit into the social and digital medium you most see fit. In order to get the best product when printing the toolkit we recommend printing in “portrait” mode.

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