Toolkit Sections


Complex issues such as health disparities, HIV and other highly stigmatized conditions or characteristics require leadership from all backgrounds, experiences and perspectives. As a result, the Leadership module is culturally appropriate and speaks directly to these diverse leaders.


Whether you are an emerging or established leader, understanding your style, strengths and areas for growth are key for remaining an effective and relevant leader. This section includes the following tools to help you assess your own leadership style:


1. The Leadership Style Assessment, to explore leadership along a series of dimensions.

2. The Personal Style Inventory, worksheet to determine your personality signature.

3. The 360-Degree Feedback Tool, is meant to be completed by one’s supervisor, one’s colleague, and someone who reports to the person being evaluated.

4. The Conflict Management Styles, worksheet guides you through a detailed assessment of the types of conflict management you use in a variety of situations.

Leadership-CASE STUDIES:

We have also compiled case studies to illustrate lessons learned about building leadership.

1. Never Say “Help”, includes lessons from leaders from diverse geographic and organizational contexts.

2. “Perceptions of Leadership and Policy Issues in the Latino Communities of the Deep South”, an assessment report conducted by the Latinos in the Deep South program at the Latino Commission on AIDS.

3. “ACT UP Explained” a moving narrative describing how assuming a position of leadership was a way to overcome individual fears associated with HIV/AIDS.